A modern, classy and well-decorated house is what most homeowners aim for. If you have some extra budget to spare, you can hire interior designing companies that can understand your needs and provide creative solutions. If not, you can always do your research about what will look best in your rooms. For furniture, there is a whole list of particulars you need to think about before going shopping because the markets are filled with a variety of designs, colours, woods, shapes and upholstery. But after you have done your research and made up your mind to buy new or upgrade furniture, the next in line question is where to go? Don’t worry! In this blog, we have covered a few renowned furniture markets in Lahore that will not only match your style but also your budget. So, let’s begin.


bed set designs
The perk of on-demand furniture is that you can use the design and wood of your choice

Whether you are buying furniture for your new house or just revamping the interior of your house, the choice of furniture and its specifics speak a lot about your personality. The first thing you need to finalize is if you want wooden or metallic furniture for your house. Both types have some solid features to consider but you need to weigh the pros and cons of both in order to decide what will look best before you go to the market.

Lahore is the second-largest city of Pakistan and the best thing about this metropolis is that you will find multiple options in different budgets for anything that you want for your house. There are multiple furniture markets in Lahore that you can explore before you make a decision. Here is a list of some of the most popular markets that you can visit:

  • Ichhra Market
  • Main Market Gulberg
  • PIA Road
  • Shah Alam Market


Located on Ferozepur Road, Ichra Market is a one-stop shopping market for anything and everything for your house. From clothing to curtains and fixtures and fittings to furniture, you can find everything in this market. Not only Ichhra Market is famous, but it is also one of the oldest markets in Lahore. You will be able to find the desired type of furniture design, style, wood and upholstery. Not only there are furniture shops but there are shops where you can select the right type of fabric, mattress, bed sheets and cushions for your house. Visiting this particular market will also give you an edge while negotiating prices with any of the vendors.

In addition to buying new furniture from here, this is also the go-to-market for natives who want to change the design and upholstery of their existing furniture. Carpenters here are experienced and know their work which is why you can rest assured of the quality of work. You can also get ready-made or customized curtains that will match your furniture.


Main Market Gulberg is one of the most famous markets in Lahore that is located in the heart of Gulberg. Among many other shops, you will find a street full of furniture shops that sell ready-made furniture for offices and homes. They also make on-demand furniture prices for which may vary from the other. Since this furniture market is situated in one of the more posh areas of Lahore, the prices of furniture will be relatively higher than in other markets in the city. Most of the shops are for office furniture but there are a few old shops for home furniture which make top quality bed sets and sofas.

price of seven seater sofa
The price range of a seven-seater sofa set starts from PKR 30,000 on PIA Road


The furniture market on PIA Main Boulevard is an affordable market where you can find variety in bed sets and sofa sets for your house at an economical price. If you don’t plan to go for on-demand furniture, this place will be design heaven for you but you will need to slightly compromise on the quality. On average, a 7-seater sofa set here costs around Rs 30,000 which is lower than the average price of the same sofa set in other markets of Lahore. The wood used for making sofa sets by the craftsmen in this market is of Kikar tree. While you are shopping for sofa sets, you may also get interested in buying bed sets which are also available in the same market. On average, the price of a bed set starts from Rs 40,000.


Shah Alam Market in Lahore has been there since before the partition times. In this market, one can find a plethora of options for anything they can imagine for their house. This not only includes furniture and home décor items but also other essentials like wardrobe items, kitchen items, spices, etc. In addition to this, you can also find antiquities for home decoration. On your next tour to the Walled City of Lahore, maybe you can check out furniture and other home essentials available in an economical price range and better quality.

If you decide to move forward with the wooden type, you should have some tips in your pocket:

  • Remove stains from wooden furniture
  • How to waterproof wooden furniture
  • How to stain wooden furniture

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