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Nikon D3500 Vs D5600: What's The Difference?
Nikon D3500 Vs D5600: What's The Difference?
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When comparing the Nikon D3500 and D5600, it's important to keep in mind that the two cameras share identical features. It is worth noting that the D3500 digital SLR is a basic model, with similar resolution and sensors that is the same as the D5600. Beyond these two features each camera comes outfitted with a variety of accessoriesthat make them a perfect choice for beginners. If you are looking for a brand new camera, be sure to consider the features that you need.





This Nikon D5600 is a better option for those looking for a camera with advanced features with a big LCD screen as well as a fast auto-focus. For novices using the camera, the smaller LCD and greater buttons are important. Both cameras are able to be utilized by amateur and professional photographers, with the same features, but there are some differences. If you're in search of the perfect camera to capture your next vacation, check out these two cameras.









If you're in search of cameras that have Bluetooth as well as SnapBridge connectivity, the D5600 is the perfect option. It is faster in wireless connectivity as well as the ability transfer photos onto your phone or computer using your mobile device. But, the D3500 isn't equipped with Bluetooth and cannot be weather sealed. The D3500 is the best choice to shoot street photos, as there is no weather sealing.





There are more points of AF on the D5600 than is on the D3500. The D3500 is only equipped with 11. Only 11. However, while the D3500 has more AF points, it is also more costly. In addition, the D5600 offers more ports than the D3500 including NFC and Wi-Fi. It's also faster than the D3500 additionally comes with GPS. Overall, the D5600 comes with an improved price-to-quality ratio.





The D3500 is more reasonable and lighter than D5600. Though the D3500's battery time is shorter, it is lighter and more portable as compared to the other. The D3600 comes with more options that the D3500 does not, such as weather-proofing. This is crucial in landscape photography. The D5600, in contrast to the D3500 features a touchscreen at its back. It makes setting it up easier.









The D3500 is cheaper and the most suitable choice for photographers who shoot on the streets. While the D5600 is more precise in comparison to the D3500 with regards to AF points however, the D3500 provides the advantage of having a larger AF point. The D5600 features the most AF point, but the D3500 features a larger APS-C sensor. Furthermore, the D5600 is equipped with an even more powerful camera, and better image quality.





The D5600 also has an LCD touchscreen. Even though the D3500 has a tilting LCD, it doesn't have touch screens. The D5600 has touchscreen LCDs as well as a rotating LCD. The D5600's battery extends, it doesn't come with as intuitive features as D3500. It is able to take more photos on a single recharge. The D5600 costs more, however, it has more features.





The D3500 comes with the same specs similar to the D5600 The difference is that it's smaller and less expensive. Both cameras have Wi-Fi or GPS. The D5600 includes lenses. Every model is different in terms of features. The D5600 has better features for video, while the D3500 is more suitable to take still images. Additionally, it comes with a larger touchscreen. It has an AF system to keep subjects focused, even when they are moving.









While the D3500 costs less than D5600 and offers many more ports, the D3500 gives you more options. The D5600 comes with more features but the D3500 features better image quality as well as a better autonom. Also the D3500 has more memory and weighs less. You can use it for portrait and sport photography. It is similar in size and weight to the D5600.









Both cameras are equipped with touchscreens, but the D5600 is easier to control by using a smartphone. Its remote can be used to change the brightness and focus, while the D3500 isn't equipped with a GPS. The sensor it uses isn't so durable as that of the D5600. Even though the D5600 cost more than the D3500, it's still a great choice.









The D3500 The D3500, on the contrary it is a basic DSLR. The battery's life span is less than the D5600's. The D3500 is smaller than the D5600. The D5600 comes with more expensive prices than the D3500, its features are more affordable. With the D3500, you are able to easily capture photos in different lighting conditions and appreciate having the option of shooting in various lighting.



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